About us

The founder and CEO of MH PRONK Health Care Consultancy Foundation, Marja H. Pronk, is driven by the patient, health-care perspective ‘to have access to the right treatment’. Her training as a medical doctor at the Erasmus University of Rotterdam and her 6 years of experience at the British and American pharmaceutical company, GlaxoSmithKline, inspired Marja to create the first specialized market access consultancy firm in the Netherlands.  
Since founding Health Care Consultancy in 1993, Marja Pronk has gained 24 years of particular experience in executing numerous market access procedures for (orphan) medicinal products and for both out-patient and hospital setting cases.

Personal Skills and Characteristics:

- Strategic, analytical mind combined with creative skills led to a vast amount of successful cases.
- Unique stakeholder management created personalized and respectful approaches which led to a guidance role among stakeholders in market access procedures.

- Innovative thinking, working and pioneering contributed to the reimbursement of first products in its class: the first recombinant fertility product,
first orphan medicinal product, first immunotherapy and first cell therapy.

With marketing authorization becoming more centralized, Marja Pronk envisioned that market access would become more centralized as well. Therefore, since 2008 Pronk has been moving around Europe from Germany to Italy to France. Currently, indeed, HTA bodies are exchanging assessments or are cooperating in common assessments. From the main basis in the Netherlands, Pronk started working together with other European Countries in 2015, resulting in the establishment of an European Market Access Network consisting of partners in Scandinavia, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, the UK (Scotland/Ireland), Austria, France, Spain, Italy, and Portugal. Pronk remains responsible within the network for the Netherlands.


Staff & Partners:

- We work with an excellent staff that is dedicated and driven to fulfill the care of the patient through ‘market access to necessary treatments’. The team has a scientific background with large experience in dossier building.
- We have access to truly experienced partners that have a similar extensive, yet, complementary expertise in market access related projects. Together, we deliver full service consultancy to our clients.


The experience with our market access consultancy provides insight and vision in the mechanisms and methodologies of assessment procedures. Based on the acquired knowledge and experience, we have (co)authored several publications and reports, which were published in peer reviewed (inter)national journals. Together with stakeholders we produce these expert and consensus reports for publication, serving the market access procedures and guideline formation.