European Group

While marketing authorization became more and more centralized, we envisioned that market access would become more centralized as well. Indeed, HTA bodies are exchanging assessments or cooperating in common assessments, in which both parties profit from the efficient approach while still letting the Ministries of Health decide themselves.

European cooperation and efficiency among market access consultancies is a key development. From the main basis in the Netherlands, we established a European Group consisting of market access partners who are reliable, have vast experience and have similar thorough, client-oriented approach. 

Our vast experience provides us with the competence to coordinate European market access project and the tools for coordinating and guiding our local colleagues in other European countries.


European SCAN

A specialized expert team is equipped to perform a European SCAN to identify key issues in the market access of new products or therapies throughout Europe. We analyze facts with three levels: medical, disease and reimbursement, in order to find the optimal strategy and legal facts and stakeholder analysis are part of this analysis. Though some issues may be facilitated on a corporate level, other issues need a local approach. Together with our local partners we provide strategies and road maps as well as full service local execution of market access projects.



Recent Scan

We matched the market access strategies and outcomes in three countries for a new product in development for breast cancer. We learned that, though the clinical data set was similar, the health authorities had different considerations and made different decisions based on market access.