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Building Bridges to Market Access

Health Care Consultancy is specialised in out-patient and in-hospital market access projects for (orphan)

medicinal products, vaccines, cell therapies, immunotherapies, medical devices and medical technologies.

Market Access Intelligence

Our intelligence has advanced through the realization of > 500 different market access projects in > 35 disease areas for > 40 different companies


Our analysis touches all edges on all edges of the market access playing field: the medical, economic, budgetary, and legal impacts of the procedures


Our solutions are derived from our strategic, creative, practical, out-of-the-box thinking in close cooperation with stakeholders

Full Service Consultancy

Health Care Consultancy performs full service market access procedures, consisting of market access scanning, strategic consulting and road mapping, developing of dossiers on all levels (therapeutic, health-economic, budget impact analysis and other requirements), reviewing of dossiers stakeholder management and completing or partially coordinating the market access procedures. Our service also includes particular procedures, such as exemptions from pharmacoeconomic assessment, in-hospital financing, specialised home care facilities, and market access schemes (including price negotiation).

By all means, we can also provide these services separately as single elements of the procedure, review activities and second opinions

Our carefully established extensive network among stakeholders ranges from opinion leaders, patient organizations, and health authorities to health insurers and HTA bodies. This provides an established infrastructure that is necessary for facilitating market access projects. 

Successful for the total newcomers

We managed to achieve successful market access for new therapies and new types of procedures when few or no individuals in the market had experience: the FIRST recombinant fertility product (1997), the FIRST EU-registered orphan medicinal product (2001), the FIRST cell therapy (ATMP; 2014), the FIRST immunotherapy (2014), the FIRST trans-arterial radio-embolization therapy (2015), and the FIRST product in the new LOCK-procedure (Dutch: sluis, 2015).

Complex Cases and Re-assessments

Complex cases in need of a creative, strategic approach involving multiple stakeholders are our top expertise. We manage to perform successful, re-assessment market access procedures based on our market access intelligence, analysis, innovative approach and our appropriate and effective stakeholder management.

Health Care Networking is a 'must'

Involvement and cooperation among stakeholders is necessary to achieve optimal and sustainable health care. Our carefully established, extensive network of stakeholders ranges from opinion leaders, professional societies, hospital boards, branch organisations of (university) hospitals and patient organisations, to the Ministry of Health, health insurers, home care organisations and HTA bodies, which are all easily accessible based on long-term, respectful relationships.


Our work is performed for more than 35 different clients varying from Dutch subsidiaries of world’s leading pharmaceutical and biotechnological companies, to Dutch subsidiaries of mid-sized and small pharmaceutical and biotechnological companies. In past absence of a Dutch subsidiary, we performed as a direct intermediate for companies located in Belgium, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, the United States of America and Japan. We have established long-term relationships of 5-23 years with the majority of our clients.

Disease Areas

Our > 500 market access projects have covered > 35 different disease areas for (orphan) medicinal products, medical devices, vaccines, immunotherapies, and cell therapies. The most common disease areas are: metabolic diseases, oncology, hematology (leukemia), cardiovascular, diabetes, central nervous system (Multiple Sclerosis, ADHD, depression, epilepsy), infections (including HIV, hepatitis), pediatric diseases, prevention (vaccines), gynecological and orthopedic procedures (medical devices).

Working Method and Approach

Our clients come to us because they know that their product is in good hands. We adopt the market-access project, work as a team and are practical in our strategic advice and project approaches. We dedicate our knowledge and our network for the sake of market access success. We strive to efficiency by making use of the already available expertise and resources of our clients. We are aware of costs and avoid surprises by working predominantly on a project budget basis.  We have a staff available to guarantee continuity and progress and we assure the participation of our senior consultants. 

The Focus is the Patient!

Our firm puts the patient in a central position and to point this out we have transformed our firm into a foundation. Our efforts are put in activities that ensure that patients have access to new and improved treatments byworking intelligently with available data and stakeholders towards the right access for the right patient.

Most Experienced

The most experienced market access consultancy with > 24 years of experience, > 500 market access cases completed and performance in > 40 different disease areas for > 35 different clients.

In the Netherlands

Our national experience provided our team with vast insight and vision into the evolutionary mechanisms and methodologies of assessment procedures of market access in the Netherlands.

Always at the front of new developments

to achieve market access for the absolute newcomers, such as the first immunotherapy and first ATMP.


GRADE system applied on orphan medicinal products, compatible or contra-indication?

Following two successful LOCK procedures, a third is now underway.

Long-term oncology and hematology therapy compliance facilitated by specialized home care.

Sneak preview of 2018!  25th anniversary!