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with the most experienced consultancy firm
Building Bridges to Market Access
MH Pronk Health Care Consultancy is the most experienced consultancy firm in the Netherlands with over 25 years of experience in full service market access procedures, consisting of market access scanning, strategic consulting and road mapping, developing of dossiers, stakeholder management and complete coordination of the market access procedures.
Market Intelligence
Our intelligence has advanced through the realization of >500 different market access projects in > 65 disease areas for > 45 different companies.
Our analysis touches on all edges of the market access playing field: the medical, economic, budgetary, and legal impact of the procedures.
Innovative Approach
Our solutions are derived from our strategic, creative, practical, out-of-the-box thinking in close cooperation with stakeholders.
Extensive Network
Our carefully established network provides a stakeholder infrastructure that is necessary for facilitating market access projects.
Full Service Consultancy
In over 25 years we have tailor-made our consultancy to all types of market-access processes in all stages. Our over 500 performed reimbursement cases have given us the strategic insight and professional skills to succeed in building bridges from product to patient.
  • Market Access Scan
    Our vaste experience enables us to identify effective market access strategies and tailor-made road maps.
  • Dossier writing & reviewing
    Our team creates complete market access dossiers containing sections on therapeutic, economic and budget impacts.
  • Stakeholder management
    We have developed a helicopter view approach through our contacts with numerous health care stakeholders, and, therefore, we are skilled to coordinate market access project stakeholders including professional societies and patient organizations.
  • New & complex cases
    We managed to achieve successful market access for new therapies and indication extensions. We are pioneers in new types of procedures when few or no individuals in the market has experience. This includes first in class products, class-assessments and re-assessments.
  • Complete project coordination
    We provide full coordination and execution of market access procedures and its procedural requirements while aligning involved stakeholders.
  • International and European market access scan
    Early market access scanning of a product in early development provides opportunities for a more efficient, focussed, and accelerated market access process.
Our Unicity
Our clients come to us because they know that their product is in good hands. We adopt the market-access project, work as a team and are practical in our strategic advice and project approaches, both in the Netherlands and internationally.
Our work is performed for more than 35 different clients varying from Dutch subsidiaries of world's leading pharmaceutical and biotechnological companies, to Dutch subsidiaries of mid-sized and small pharmaceutical and biotechnological companies. In past absence of a Dutch subsidiary, we performed as a direct intermediate for companies located in Belgium, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, the United States of America and Japan. We have established long-term relationships of 5-25 years with the majority of our clients.
Disease Areas
Our > 500 market access projects have covered > 65 different disease areas for (orphan) medicinal products, medical devices, vaccines, immunotherapies, and cell therapies. The most common disease areas are: metabolic diseases, oncology, hematology (leukemia), cardiovascular, diabetes, central nervous system (Multiple Sclerosis, ADHD, depression, epilepsy), infections (including HIV, hepatitis), pediatric diseases, prevention (vaccines), gynecological and orthopedic procedures (medical devices).
Types of Products
Health Care Consultancy is specialised in out-patient and in-hospital market access projects for (orphan) medicinal products, vaccines, cell therapies, immunotherapies, cell therapies, medical devices and medical technologies.
Your Market Access Strategist
Marja Pronk, founder and managing director of
MH Pronk Health Care Consultancy, is the creative market access strategist. Marja not only brings strategy to the table, she guides companies all the way from A to B in the market-access process, dedicating her knowledge and extensive experience of market access processes at every step along the way.
Reach out to us
Phone: +31 6 20 01 07 15
E-mail: marja.pronk@mhpronk.nl
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